Recap Three Rivers: Season 1, Episode 08 - The Kindness of Strangers

­A wealthy man comes to Three Rivers to get a liver transplant for his wife. When a liver is unavailable, the man buys one on the black market; his wife suffers the consequences after she is rushed back to Three Rivers. Jordan and the rest of the doctors are horrified to see that this well educated, wealthy man has chosen to use money to put his wife in danger with a black market liver from an executed prisoner in China. The team is also dealing with a medical mystery when a husband and wife are both suffering from the same mysterious symptoms. The team works furiously to get to the root of their illnesses and discover the old house that the newlyweds just bought is poisoning them. In the attic of the old house there used to be a working meth lab and the chemicals from that lab are contaminating the air they breathe.­

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