The Office Episode Recap: "Secretary's Day"

After a month of trying to find hilarity in our TV Guide office in New York City, watching a new episode of The Office finally relieved me of the gaping hole in my Thursday nights. The gang is back, and this week, they all having something to say. Where will Andy and Erin take their relationship? Will we ever see the return of Pam? Well, this week, all of our questions were answered.

The episode opens as the majority of the office crowds around Oscar's desk in order to see a video he made of Kevin's voiced to the tune of the various Sesame Street characters, including Cookie Monster. Kevin gets a bit insulted, and even Dwight gets in on the fun, especially since he loves the show where the characters live in the "barrio."

It is Secretary's day in the office, and it also happens to be the three-week Anniversary between Erin and Andy. He wants to make sure that his lady friend is treated right, and he adorns her desk with a giant poster, stuffed-bear holding a phone, flowers, and even sends many message "blasts" out to the rest of the office. Also, it happens to be the day that Pam returns from maternity leave. Even though it "rocked her ass off," she needed to return for monetary purposes.

In order to make Erin feel special, Andy convinces Michael to ask her out to a personal boss/secretary lunch. She is so excited that she even snaps a picture as Michael asks her. Erin immediately suggests Hayworth's, Michael doesn't want to go there, but he ends up going along with his employee's request.

The office still can't seem to get over the Cookie Monster video, and when Meredith and Darryl trick Kevin into eating a cookie (in order to mock him), he goes straight to HR for help and support. The new employee/HR rep/corporate slave notifies the workers that the video is now forbidden to be seen and sent around, and definitely puts scare into everyone.

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