Grey's Anatomy: No More Denny - For Now

For Grey's Anatomy fans who are wondering if Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is, for once and for all, done haunting the halls of Seattle Grace, he recently told Entertainment Weekly that the prospects are not so good (or bad, depends on which way you see it) given his current work load, but he's always open to the possibility.

"If they are planning on having me back this season, they'd have to do it awfully fast because I am about to have a major scheduling conflict," Morgan said at the Watchmen premiere Monday. "I'm going to shoot a movie called The Resident with Hilary Swank.''

This should be pretty good news to some Grey's Anatomy fans who couldn't wait to see the end of him on his most recent appearances on the ABC medical dramedy. The particular storyline has received flak for, well, being too out of this world for comfort, and Morgan admitted that he knew people were merciless on the Internet about the storyline his character Denny was involved in.

Eventually you just have to stop reading and trust your boss and do your best, he finally said.

Still, the prospect remains plausible, according to Morgan, who will be playing a character who is obsessed with Swank's character on The Residents, which he described as Psycho meets Fatal Attraction.

I don't see how Denny could make a comeback this season, he said. You know, I trust Shonda [Rhimes], so if she wanted me back, I would do everything possible to get it done.

There's always next season, he said.

Now that the reason for Denny's supernatural return to Seattle Grace had been revealed, Grey's Anatomy fans are still divided on whether the whole thing was warranted or not. Needless to say, however, it looks like Izzie is going to have to deal with whatever it is she has on her own - or at least she and Alex (Justin Chambers).

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