True Blood: "Evil is Going On" Review Season 3, Episode 12

Russell Edgington's brisket face FTW!

And that's really all I have to cheer and champion about this final Season 3 episode, "Evil is Going On." Russell's crispy mug. Man, True Blood really needs to work on its finales. Over the course of the past three seasons, the writers have done a good job of building up our expectations, but the show hasn't learned to successfully bring things full-circle. Stories play out in such a soap opera-ish manner, and in a little too similar a style to the book series, that characters are never allowed to breathe and things never wind up paying off the way they should. Yes, Russell Edgington survives the third book in the Charlane Harris series too, but the course he was on in the TV series did not warrant an ending, that was mostly played for laughs, with him chained to a stripper pole while he and Sookie bicker and haggle over his freedom. Am I the only one that things Sookie should have taken the five million and the mansion?

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