The Big Bang Theory 3.14 "The Einstein Approximation" Recap

A manic-looking Sheldon is standing in the middle of the living room with his back to a white board that displays a very complicated looking equation. Every few seconds, he jerks his head back to look at it and then turns away. Penny has just woken up and walks into the room. Sheldon tells her that he is trying to view the problem on the board using his peripheral vision in order to activate a different part of his brain to solve it. Leonard enters, at which point Sheldon has resorted to running in front of the board to catch fleeting glimpses of the equations, and squinting at it through his hands held like a telescope. Leonard suggests that he needs a fresh start. Sheldon picks the board up, carries it over to the window, and drops it down onto an unsuspecting car. He grabs a blank white board to start over, and thus begins one of the most ridiculous Sheldon episodes ever. (I still can't decide if it was ridiculous in a good way or a bad way. It was funny, to be sure, but the best episodes of The Big Bang Theory add more heart to the humor.)

In the cafeteria at the university, Howard and Leonard are eating lunch and watching as Sheldon flips through some books and mutters to himself about electron mass. Raj sits down and tells the guys about disco night at the roller skating rink. Howard and Leonard think that Bernadette and Penny would love to go, so they arrange a double date. Raj is upset because he was the one who suggested it: "No, it's okay, I don't have to go. I'm happy to guide you and your ladies to suitable entertainment choices. I'm a walking, brown" Sheldon is still sitting at the table ranting like a crazy person. He grabs the lima beans off Raj's plate and says he needs to use them as carbon atoms. Then he scrapes Leonard's peas onto the table to be the electrons.

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