'The Amazing Race' Season 16, Episode 9 Recap: Someone Finally Gets the One-Up

Last Friday I professed my love for Singapore, so you can imagine the wide grin on my face while watching The Amazing Race tonight. In the past few weeks I've gone "oooh, wow" while watching the places I haven't been in. Contrast that to tonight, when I actually went, "I've been there!" But that's not really the main point of tonight's episode. Depending on where you stand on this issue, it's either a much-deserved upset, or a disappointing move.

"Are you Allan Wu?" From Penang, teams head to Kuala Lumpur via bus, and then to Singapore via train. In other words, it's another bottleneck. The teams get split up on the taxis--the cowboys were the last, again, to get a cab--and headed to the Victoria Concert Hall, where Allan Wu, host of the Asian edition of TAR, will give them a clue. (Side note: one season of that show had one team dominate the race the entire time--first place, all the way, until the very last leg. Isn't that cool?)

Now, I presume Allan's a huge personality in the country, but I'm surprised the ticket person doesn't know him. Almost every team went inside, calling him name and looking for him like he's a little kid. Never mind Carol and Brandy actually calling him "a very handsome man [that's] hard to miss". He was actually seated outside the hall, and the brothers were smart enough to look for him there first.

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