'Futurama' - 'The Duh-Vinci Code' Recap Season 6, Episode 5

A friend of mine who was also a big fan of the original 'Futurama' before Fox kicked it out of bed quicker than one of Tiger Woods' mistresses didn't have any very nice things to say about the new premiere episodes. I'd reprint them here if the childhood literacy rate wasn't so, er, darn high.

In his defense, the first two didn't have the feel of the original series, even if they were able to stand on their own for the most part. Last night's hilarious adventure, however, could cause him to choke on those very words he used to describe the show's creators' digestive systems (don't ask).

It had just about everything that made those original shows so much fun to watch: deep creativity, adventure, pathos and lots and lots of comedy. This actually felt like the first episode so far in the new season that belonged in the show's original run. In other words, it was just good clean fun.

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