Jon and Kate Plus 8: Jon Takes Hailey to Pennsylvania Home? Uh-Oh

She isn't even part of the television show, but Hailey Glassman just got dragged into the media spotlight thanks to Jon Gosselin. He's also been dragging her places (kinda reminds you of barbaric cavemen, which isn't that far of a likeness), such as his hometown in Pennsylvania. Didn't he swear back then that he wouldn't bring any girlfriends home to his kids? Well, we never had much faith in what comes out of this guy's mouth anyway.

Us Weekly reported that the Jon & Kate plus 8 patriarch gave his 22-year-old girlfriend a tour of Wernersville last week. They had breakfast at a local diner before driving around in a friend's car to go sightseeing.

Soon they made a stopover at Blue Marsh Lake in nearby Leesport, where eyewitnesses noted how they were truly into each other. It may not be the South of France, but Hailey seemed content just hanging around with Jon Gosselin.

"They definitely looked like two people in love," a source told the magazine. "They were both laughing and smiling and just enjoying being together finally without worrying about being seen. They kissed and held hands a lot."

While the couple hadn't exactly arrived on the doorstep of the Gosselin property, it looks as though that might happen soon. Is Jon seriously trying to traumatize his kids? A friend of the family told Radar Online that the dad of eight talked to Kate Gosselin about his plans on bringing Hailey to the house. What?

Even though Kate won't be around at the time since it'd be his turn to watch the kids, the Jon and Kate Plus 8 matriarch still objected to the idea. It was said she broke down in tears upon hearing Jon's proposal.

"I think Jon is incredibly insensitive for doing this," an insider revealed. "This came out of nowhere. It took Kate totally by surprise."

It's not just Kate everyone's worried about, of course. Again, there's the children's mental welfare to think about. How exactly would these young ones handle yet another personality in their lives when they're still dealing with the divorce of their parents?

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