Spartacus Episode 12: Blood and Sand - "Revelations" Review

The opening scene concluded Solonius' story in grand fashion with Spartacus given the task to finish him off in the arena. I really appreciated the fact that Solonius actually put up a fight despite it being a futile gesture. Spartacus' final words to Solonius were fitting and brought a smile to the dying man's face before he was beheaded.

The gauntlet scene with Spartacus facing off against several of Galbor's men was a lot of fun. We get to see that Spartacus is a changed man. Sure, he's still angry and seeking vengeance for the capture and eventual murder of Sura, but now he's disciplined. What makes this moment so ironic is that the same men he plans to eventually kill are also the ones who forced him into a position to gain the skills he needs to carry out that very task. There's a certain poetry to the situation and to this scene that resonates well. With every guard that Spartacus takes out you know he's thinking about beheading both Glaber and Batiatus.

Since Spartacus chooses to delay the vengeance he seeks in order to convince Varro's wife to leave the Ludus first he's forced to play nice with the two men he despises - Glaber and Batiatus. With Spartacus, the rabid dog, kept on a leash this week, the writer's do a great job of building the animosity and the tension between him and the two men he intends on killing. Spartacus can taste his revenge but as he's forced to wait we are forced to wait with him and can sympathize with his frustration. We've been waiting for this moment just as much as Spartacus has.

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Apr 15, 2010 1:11PM EDT

Batiatus and Lucretia expect the arrival of Glaber, while Spartacus plans for his revenge.You can check out the episode at

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