24 Episode Recap: 5:00 AM - 6:00 AM Season 8

While the terrorists prepare to make their big move, Jack tries to get President Hassan and his family to a safer location - though that's easier said than done.

As the hour opens, Jack is getting bandaged up and refusing painkillers, despite the fact that he may have broken some ribs and could now be susceptible to a collapsed lung. Just another day on the job for Jack, though. And he doesn't even get paid for this anymore!

Now that we know Walsh is the mole, we get a clear view of the trouble she can cause from inside CTU, as she knocks out the security cameras the good guys are using to track down Samir. Meanwhile, the head baddie is joyriding around New York City with a trunk full of nuclear rods, on his way placing them into the waiting "radiological dispersal device."

For the first time in a couple hours, we get to spend some more time with President Taylor. She and Chief of Staff Toolie are in full hand-wringing mode, though she actually does something about it, calling Jack in to help with the evacuation of President Hassan and his family (to New Jersey's McGuire Air Force base, though it's doubtful they'll ever make it there).

Jack argues that he'd be more useful staying on the trail of the terrorists, but Taylor is looking at the big picture of securing a Mideast peace, so she insists. Jack gives her his best "Yes, ma'am" and heads to the UN with Renee in tow.

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