Gossip Girl Episode Recap Season 3, Episode 16: "The Empire Strikes Jack"

This week it was time for another fashion show on Gossip Girl, and these events never fail to entertain. As always, they're about so much more than fashion, and this occasion allowed people to discover who their real friends (and family) were.

Old Friends

Rufus hoped to get Jenny out of her funk by volunteering her to work at Eleanor's latest show. And it worked! As soon as Jenny was surrounded by the hectic backstage scene, her eyes lit up. Though she and Eleanor hadn't parted on the best of terms, Eleanor explained she believed in second chances - and she went so far as to extend her peace offering to Jenny's old friend-turned-enemy Agnes. Jenny was hesitant to renew this friendship, but Agnes won her over and began endearingly calling her "bitch" once again. However, Agnes was faking the whole friends angle. (One way for the writers to make Jenny's character seem sympathetic? Put her in scenes with evil Agnes).

Jenny opened up to Agnes about Damien, which was a big mistake. Agnes devised a plan to get back at him, and Jenny agreed, but then backed down because she didn't want to ruin this second chance she was getting in the fashion industry. The more Eleanor complimented Jenny, the more Agnes wanted to see her fall. Finally, Agnes swiped Damien's old stash from Jenny and had one of her pals drug Jenny's drink, disguised as a toast from Eleanor. Soon, Jenny was totally out of it. Agnes then dropped Jenny off at a bachelor party and told the guys that Jenny was ready to party. Luckily, most of them could see that she was underage and barely conscious, so they didn't touch her - all except for one creepy guy. Jenny received a call from her "big brother" Nate (Dan's completely vacated this role), and he tracked her location and saved her in the nick of time, just as the creepy guy was about to take Jenny home with him.

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