Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, March 29, 2010

Before the first Dancing with the Stars elimination of the season, the 11 couples get one more chance to impress the judges and win over fans. Did anyone improve? Or regress? Let's find out!

It's the jive or the foxtrot for Week 2! Scores and votes from last week will be added to those from this week. Tom and Brooke implore us to vote because, he warns, had there been an elimination last week, a favorite would've been gone. Uh-oh! Any guesses who that might be? While you ponder that, let's get started.

* Shannen Doherty & Mark Ballas: Jive

Shannen is worried because "it's a lot of routine" and they can't simplify it. Mark doesn't want to dumb down the routine, but rather push her. She thinks there's a chance she can pull it off, but a bigger chance she might not. Way to believe, Brenda. First off, Shannen has, like, no thighs. Seriously. Her legs may be thinner than Olive Oyl's. She's got the spunky 'tude and high energy down, but is having trouble keeping up with the pace at times. She needs more strength in her leg movements though; her stick-figure legs look like spaghetti with every kick and flick. But overall, it's a big improvement from last week. Len thinks she showed energy, but a lack of control. Bruno likes the energy as well and wants her to keep her weight on her toes. Carrie Ann calls it a solid routine and wants her to work on her musicality.

Score: 20 (Total: 38)

Aiden Turner & Edyta Sliwinska: Foxtrot

Aiden's feeling the pressure and isn't sure if he can learn a routine in four days. Edyta's mad that he can't get it and walks out. He finds her crying on a stool and they hug it out. Oh, the drama! Maybe the tension's still there: She elbows him in the face twice, once in the eye. Ouch. Aiden keeps his composure though and glides his way through the rest of the dance. This is a huge step up from last week's hot mess. His posture and frame are solid, and his feet are less clunky. Cameron Mathison likes it. Bruno can see a glimmer of hope and likes his frame, but says he gets his knickers in a twist and loses focus. Carrie Ann: "Nice job." Len likes the flow and the improved footwork. Edyta promises she didn't mean to hit him.

Score: 19 (Total: 34)

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