Raising the Bar Season 2, Episode 8: "Trust Me" - Recap

Bobbi defends a confidential informant who demands a separate trial from his co-defendant, who could have him killed if word gets out about his cooperation with the police. Meanwhile, one of Richard's clients is hit with a damages claim for more money than she can afford. Richard uses his family name as bargaining power and continues to serve the greater good out of his own pocket.

This week's episode begins with Richard discussing with a financial advisor his investment options regarding his trust fund.

Falco then gives his team a speech motivating them to remember certain victims and to always look at the bigger picture when they bring people to trial for low-level drug crimes.

Meanwhile, Bobbi shares with her client, Andre Jackman, a plea deal to do three years for three bags of heroine. Andre says that he could live with that, but he refuses to take the deal because he won't testify against the co-defendant. Andre says his defense is that all the cops lied and set him up.

Bobbi talks to Roz and Jerry in Roz's office and tells them that her client believes he is choosing between death and a defense. Roz suggests that she asks for her client and the co-defendant to be tried separately.

In the meantime, Richard is defending a woman who is charged for penalties by a large firm after a theft case regarding a pack of batteries she stole from a store. Richard makes a call to the firm, and Bobbi's suggestion to try the men separately is granted by Judge Ventimiglia.

Balco tells Michelle to make a deal to the co-defendant, and he takes it which in turn screwed over Bobbi.

Richard then meets with the man who runs the firm who is suing his client. Richard deceived the man into thinking he was meeting with Richard's father. Richard then tries to convince the man to help his client because it is "small potatoes for him." The man replies by stating that shrinkage costs billions per year. He refuses to help Richard, and leaves. (It is so easy to love Richard's character.)

Michelle thinks she has discovered that Andre is lying about being threatened for not being a snitch, and offers to fly a witness from Florida to prove it.

At the bar, Richard vents to everyone about the injustice his client is experiencing. Jerry also defends Bobbi when Michelle makes a remark that Bobbi should be drinker far more than she because of how the case is unfolding.

Jerry visits Andre and gets him to come up with the missing piece to his defense regarding a man named Andre. (I can tell this meeting is not going to make Bobbi very happy.)

Richard shows up at the firm to visit the man he met with at the restaurant. He warns him he is suing the firm and that it will cost him a lot of money. The man agrees to drop the case but warns Richard not to pull such stunts in the future.

Before re-entering the courtroom, Jerry tells Bobbi to ask Andre about Omar when he goes on the stand. Bobbi blindly follows Jerry's advice and questions him. Michelle then badgers Andre before she calls upon the next witness, the man she flied in from Florida who hired Andre as an informant 10 years ago.

Richard's client shows up and sincerely thanks him for saving her family. Shortly after her visit, Richard enters Roz's office and gives her a $3 million personal check that he wishes to donate to create a civil actions unit within the firm. He explains that the check is the first installment of his trust fund.

The jury finds Andre Jackman guilty on a charge of criminal sale of a controlled substance in the third degree.

Bobbi tells Jerry he should not have gone behind her back and that his actions have led her to believe he can't be trusted. Jerry apologizes and admits he was wrong to get involved in her case without telling her.

Balco tells Michelle he is proud of her. (Is he becoming soft lately, or what?)

The episode concludes with Roz asking Richard if he is sure about giving her such a large check. He says he is and that he wants it to be from an anonymous donor because he still wants to be viewed as "one of the guys" (how honorable!).

Do you think Andre was being truthful in his defense? Are you happy with the outcome of the case? Do you think Jerry was wrong to help Bobbi despite her not asking him to do so? Do you think all of Richard's kind acts will come back to get him in a future episode?

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