'Big Brother' Boys Talk Strategy

Ladies and gentlemen, another season of Big Brother is dawning upon us and it's time to see just who we're dealing with for the eleventh installment. CBS has already unveiled the identities of the 12 houseguests, who will be divided into high school cliques. The game might not be for another week, but we got a chance to see just what we can expect from these contestants.

The Insider's own Ross Matthews spoke with the boys of Big Brother 11 and asked what they can offer for this season. Right before they entered the house, the men appeared on the "Inside Dish" show to open up about their plans for winning the competition.

Matthews managed to talk to gamer Ronnie, schoolteacher Casey, surfer-boy Braden, ad salesman Jeff, graphic designer Kevin and martial arts dude Russel. There are definitely a lot of standout personalities in the house this time, which makes for an intriguing turn of events.

First on the list is the bespectacled Ronnie, who will easily fit in the brainiac category. He admits that he's such an enthusiast of the show that he's memorized names of contestants who have been evacuated from the house.

"I am the universe's biggest Big Brother fan," Ronnie told Ross. He was followed by Casey, who teaches fifth-graders by day and works as a DJ at night. While he may not have a strategy yet, he's just sticking with being himself in the house.

Next up is Braden, the one who claims to have a dark side he's willing to exploit. "I'll be all sinister; it might help a little bit in the show," he said.

As for 30-year-old Jeff, he explained: "Here's my strategy: I don't really have a strategy." He also believes that he's going to win this season of the show, thanks to some approach he calls "all about nothing."

After Jeff came Kevin, a rather outrageous self-proclaimed Blasian. His unique heritage being his pride, he says he has some claws he's not afraid to use. "I may scratch a houseguest's eyes out," he admitted.

Finally, there's the buff Russel who might be the one to break hearts this season. Since he's intent on making moves on the female houseguests, let's hope he won't get distracted from the game.

Don't miss the next episode of "Inside Dish" when Ross talks to the girls, and catch Big Brother 11 as it premieres on Thursday, July 9 at 7pm on CBS.

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