How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Episode 21 Recap: "Twin Beds"

We finally get some plot movement with the Robin/Don storyline, as Mr. Duck himself finally gets to meet the rest of the group. Problem is, Don has absolutely no idea that Ted and Barney are both Robin's ex-boyfriends. When he finds out, he's less than thrilled. To make things worse, both Ted and Barney realize that they're not completely over Robin. So who gets Robin's heart in the end?

Future Ted tells us that Robin had only been dating Don a short while when he popped an interesting question one night: As Don brings two plates of food to Robin, who's sitting on his couch watching TV, he asks her if she wants to move in. He means "scooch down on the couch," but she thinks he means move in...with him...permanently. After a bit of awkwardness, Don asks her again, this time for real.

Later, at MacLaren's, Robin tells the group her big news. Barney and Lily think the relationship is moving too fast, but Ted's all for it - since Robin is still terrible about leaving empty milk cartons in the fridge, and it's really annoying him. Barney notes that it's weird that Robin is getting all serious with a guy the rest of them have never met. Robin admits that she's been postponing the introductions but finally agrees to have them all meet Don.

The subsequent meeting takes place at MacLaren's, and it becomes apparent very quickly that Don is completely clueless about Robin's past relationships with Ted and Barney. Of course, it doesn't take long for the truth to come out, and Don's a little freaked out - particularly since Robin lives with Ted. (Don had been under the impression that Ted was gay, due to his cooking skills and love of calligraphy.) He tells Robin that he needs time to think about things and leaves.

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