Recap: "The Devil Inside, Part II"

"You are broken." The words are written in blood in the D.A.'s office, but only Allison sees them. Allison accompanies Scanlon and Devalos to the morgue to view the serial killer's latest victim and hears her crying, "Mommy." She lifts the sheet and sees Ariel dead on the table. Lucas Harvey is still haunting Allison from the grave. Will he get the better of our heroine? Or will this Medium be able to get rid of this ghost once and for all?

There's been a break in the serial killer case when a "mark" from the serial killer is found on more than one of the victims. The killer has been stuffing an "Inspected by #8" tag in the nostril of the girls. Allison dreams about the killer and Kevin, and Scanlon follows her lead to find him dead in his house, surrounded by all the evidence needed to know he is the killer. (What's nice is that both Scanlon and Devalos thank her for her help. Scanlon even goes so far as to say, "You're back, Allison Dubois.")

The next series of dreams shows that Kevin had been working with a partner, who appears in Al's dreams as an animated smiley face. Unfortunately, it's a little difficult for her to explain this to Devalos, so he decides that he's satisfied that they have caught the one and only killer. That only lasts until he hears about another killing in Scottsdale. Oh, why do they ever doubt Allison?

Lucas Harvey appears to Allison half-naked, thank you, and tells her she is irrelevant. He intends to restore balance on his mission from God. She might be scared if he wasn't so, well, dead. He is hindering her ability to identify the serial killers. Lucas, half-naked, (did I already mention that?) has infiltrated her dreams and is altering them to discredit her. He says he is doing it for all the mediums around the world. Time must be very malleable when you are dead, that he can travel around the world and still have time to scare the Bejeezus out of Bridgette in the meantime.

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Jun 2, 2009 10:33AM EDT

Tony Curran. Superb actor. Really nasty piece of work in this and totally convincing. Give him a series.

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