24 Rundown: "3:00 A.M.-4:00 A.M." - Featured

Jack's got a lot of news to deliver this hour - and, this being 24, it's pretty much all bad. First up, through all his shaking and sputtering, Jack manages to tell Renee that Tony's "the second man" who smuggled the canister off of Starkwood's complex. Realizing that means Tony killed Larry, Renee is crushed. Ten, there's a flash of anger that tells us she'll be out for revenge.

When Jack relays the same information to an increasingly whiny President Taylor, she just seems indignant in her typical, "How could you have let this happen?" kind of way. (Sure likes to sit in that cushy Oval Office and complain about everyone else's mistakes, doesn't she?) But Jack's got a plan: work out a deal with Hodges where the FBI makes it look like he's dead so that his family won't be harmed. Taylor reluctantly approves.

As everyone else plots their next gambit, Tony's flight quickly turns into a murderous rampage - without a second thought, he shoots an FBI agent to get his vehicle, then throws the body into the road like a sack of garbage. And then it's on to a motel meet-up, where he gives Galvez a good beating. Granted, the guy turns on Tony and tries to extort the name of the client for the virus, but suffocating him with a plastic shower curtain is straight serial killer stuff.

Once Tony's terrorist girlfriend (?) shows up, we learn that the apparent buyer is planning to use the canister of pathogen to manufacture more over the next few months. But Tony doesn't want to wait that long - he thinks the virus should be put to more immediate use.

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