Ready for Dollplay? Online Drama Aims to Unravel Mysteries

At one point it must have felt like the world is collapsing - okay, I exaggerate - when news that the proposed Dollhouse webisodes wouldn't push through. If anything, it added fuel to the rumors that the show was on its way out before it could even go in. As it turns out, Fox had (again) other things in mind - oh, doesn't this sound familiar? - and instead, have wheeled out this so-called online participation drama.

The thing is called Dollplay, and it's online for the next two weeks or so (it started last Thursday, so we've missed a week) at The idea is, it's a companion guide of sorts to help fans and viewers unravel the new show's mythology. That happens through a woman named Hazel Rose, who is trapped inside a mobile laboratory, effectively isolated from the world - well, except through the online audience, which she uses as a link to the outside. She wants to be set free, and perhaps find out more about her mother, who happens to be a researcher that is somehow connected to the Dollhouse.

The catch is, for her to do just that, she gets her hands on this machine which - indeed - wipes out her memories and downloads a batch of new personalities on her. Pretty much what Topher does to Echo and the rest of the Actives, really. I watched one of the videos she posted and she seems to be acting as her mother - ooops, was that a spoiler?

Anyway, you can participate by watching Hazel's video blog documenting her captivity. In return, you can post your own clips, perhaps to ask questions or offer advice to the trapped girl. (Of course, that also means you can watch other fans' responses. Interactivity, ka-ching!) The site promises that there are no cheap tricks - each video is shot in real time, which means they do watch the videos you upload and put whatever you say in consideration for the next entry.

So, again, the thing is, you have to help Hazel out before it's too late. And you have roughly two weeks remaining to do so. Dollplay is at , or, if you can't seem to find it (which would be unusual), it's at Dollhouse's official site. Or, you can return to Fox this Friday at 9pm for another episode. I'm sure they'll plug it there, somehow.

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