'Chuck' Season 4, Episode 1 (Season Premiere) Recap

'Chuck' fans have been counting down the days since last season's explosive, two-part finale.

By season's end, Chuck and Sarah were finally together, everyone important in Chuck's life finally knew his secret, and the Buy More burned to the ground in a desperate act by a now on-the-lam Jeffster. Everything about the show's DNA had been changed. What could Season 4 hold in store for these characters?

The answer? Chuck's mom, played by Sarah Connor herself, Linda Hamilton. (Catch Mo Ryan's exclusive interview with Mama Bartowski) Casting her was a masterstroke, an appeal to the geeked-out masses that love this show. (If you think Season 4 won't contain any 'Terminator' references, I point you to Dolph Lundgren's "I must break you" line to show that 'Chuck' isn't afraid to be meta to the point of pure pandering.) Having her as the central focus of Chuck's spy actions solves the show's biggest problem: As a show about relationships, it's spot on solid; but as an actual spy show, it sometimes falls short of the mark.

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