'How I Met Your Mother' Season 6 Premiere Recap

If Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are to be believed, the season six premiere of 'HIMYM' will start fans on a well-thought out, season-long story arc that will go a long way toward telling the main story of the show. You know what that story is: Ted Mosby and his search for the love of his life.

And this episode did give fans a few clues of what's to come in season six and where we might be going, but Carter and Craig also gave a few head fakes. But that didn't matter because the premiere itself was strong, giving all five members of the gang funny moments and telling stories that didn't seem nearly as forced as some of the ones we saw last season. And, really, after last year's inconsistencies, that's all I'm really looking for from 'HIMYM' at this point.

The head fakes aren't even really bothering me that much. Did I think that the opening scene, where Marshall asks Ted if he's nervous, was taking place at Ted's wedding? Sure. But it was also fun to see later on that we really weren't at Ted's wedding, but the wedding of a close friend, where we know he'll meet a kindly woman with a yellow umbrella that will set his heart aflutter. Who that friend is, we're not sure; it could be Barney, because both Ted and Marshall appear to be part of the wedding party.

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