How I Met Your Mother: ''Last Cigarette Ever'' Review Season 5, Episode 11

Perhaps it's because I'm not -- and never have been -- a smoker, but I didn't find the concept of this episode in any way funny, or entertaining. I love how How I Met Your Mother usually gives us a fresh take on dating humor and friendships. The series also has had a lot of fun taking a different look at the world of the characters -- since the show is really a collection of tales that Ted is telling his future children, he sometimes leaves things -- even people -- out (like bartender Doug, in "The Fight") or exaggerates details (like the aged look of Robin's older boyfriend in the first "Slapsgiving"). So the idea that Ted would leave out that "Aunt" Robin smoked when telling his kids the story of how he met their mother fits just fine in the context of the series, as does the additional revelations that Marshall, Lily, Ted and Barney all smoke as well. If only it was actually funny.

As a fan of the groundbreaking HBO sketch series Mr. Show with Bob and David, I was initially very happy to see Bob Odenkirk reprise his role as Arthur Hobbs, the boss from hell. My excitement soon turned to disappointment, as Odenkirk was completely wasted this episode, essentially serving as just a reason for Marshall to start smoking again. The running gags of Hobbs forgetting Marshall's name and being overly proud of his dog were mildly amusing, at best.

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