Caprica Episode 8: "Ghosts in the Machine" Review

Wow, Daniel Graystone is not exactly father of the year. Okay, "Zoe-A" is not his daughter exactly, but she's close enough, which is why he was so determined to get her to admit she was inside the Cylon. But wow, the tactics he used...

This episode was all about a battle of wills between Daniel and Zoe, as we saw him continually up the ante in terms of pushing the Cylon into more and more extreme situations, in the hopes that she would reveal herself to him. This was strong, compelling stuff from the get go, as we saw Daniel make her continually assemble and disassemble a gun 'something a robot should have no issues about, but when you've got the personality of a teenage girl inside you, well' it's less than good times.

I loved seeing the Cylon/Zoe wince (if a Cylon can be said to wince) when Daniel burned his finger - but instead of being the start to a father/daughter moment, it only made Daniel more determined to get Zoe to "come out" (as Lacy put it). What followed was pretty horrific, as Daniel pretty much resorted to psychological terror against his daughter. Starting the fire around her (knowing she had a great fear of fire) was bad enough - but when he took out the gun in front of the family dog, Caesar - Come on!

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