'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Review: Symptoms of Olympic Fever Include... Season 9, Episode 6

With The Biggest Loser: Couples being sidelined for a month thanks to the Winter Olympics, it's no surprise that they'll pull off all the stops. And that means guests, guests, guest, guests galore--and, well, a twist at the very end. And since it's the Olympics that will bench the show, what better way to bid a temporary adieu than with... the Olympics?

It's not really a trip to Vancouver, but rather, a trip to Colorado Springs, and the US Olympic Training Center, where the remaining contestants will spend a week working out and, maybe, having fun. Before paralympian Allison Jones could welcome everyone with a torch lighting ceremony, Alison (okay, notice the L's) tells everyone that the game shifts from team mode to individual mode. Also, two people will be eliminated, one from the yellow line, and the other from the red line--that deadly level that automatically eliminates you.

After meeting with the Olympic nutritionists, where they are told about how out athletes' diets go--nope, I did not hear anything about Michael Phelps--they meet skiers Julia Mancuso and Jeret "Speedy" Peterson, who help them through their first workouts. It's an Olympic training center. It's supposed to be mesmerizing! But the contestants just did their workouts, and Speedy was impressed. Despite his pleas for some rest for the bunch, Bob said no.

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