Aqua Teen Hunger Force: "Hands on a Hamburger" Review

This week's ATHF resembled an episode from one of the early seasons of the show, and that's a good thing. This season has been an odd mix of jokes and gross out moments, but "Hands on a Hamburger" is a successful return to the style that made the show popular.

It started out a wee bit slow with Master Shake making over half a million dollars in prank pizza order calls. This set the tone for what would be an episode full of Shake's vintage form of jackassery. The episode's theme and title are derived from the main event: a "hands on a hamburger" competition, which consists of a bunch of people keeping at least one hand on a giant ass hamburger for as long as possible, and the winner gets to keep the burger (which is the size of a small building). It's ridiculous, but in a good way.

Shake is a supreme asshat in this episode, which is great because he hasn't really been featured in any of this season's episodes so far. His determination to win the hamburger competition by any means necessary drives the episode. He systematically tricks people into removing their hands from the massive burger with a variety of mean-spirited (but clever) ploys while Phil the competition guy observes and disqualifies the victims. It all culminates in a classic bit of Shake comedy when he asks a guy for a two-handed handjob, and his victim takes the bait. Priceless. Shake's lines in this episode are fantastic, and Dana Snyder does a great job delivering them. I got the impression that he really got into this episode, as the dialogue has an extra bit of pop in this one.

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