Legend of the Seeker Season 2, Episode 14: "Bound" Review

Legend of the Seeker returns with "Bound", in which Kahlan finds that her survival has been magically tied to Nicci's, newly rogue Sister of the Dark. Keeping Nicci safe becomes the number one priority for everyone since whatever happens to her will also happen to Kahlan. Nicci's goal is to get Richard to give her the Stone of Tears, and tying her own survival to Kahlan's is a pretty good way to get Richard to do what she wants.

Michael Nouri (Damages / The OC) guest stars as Kahlan's father, Frederick, and the reunion is not a happy one. As Kahlan describes her childhood she reveals that her father forced Kahlan and her sister to use their Confessor powers for his own personal gain. While Kahlan's ordeal when she was young strengthened her motivation to fight against the dark forces in the world, Nicci's past suffering is what turned her away from the Light and toward becoming a Sister of the Dark. The comparison between the two is made more powerful by the fact that Kahlan is sharing in Nicci's experiences in the present through the spell that has been cast.

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