The Witch Stirs Up a Lot of Trouble for Herself With the Vampires of 'The Gates' (VIDEO)

Throughout this first season of 'The Gates' (Sun., 10PM on ABC), local witch Devon (Chandra West) had been stirring up trouble with just about everyone. Her misdeeds came back to haunt her in the finale, as the vampires decided it was time to do away with her for good.

Dylan (Luke Mably) and Claire Radcliffe (Rhona Mitra) arrived at her house to take care of the situation, but Chief Nick Monahan (Frank Grillo) stayed the execution. "My son is dying. She's the only one who can save him," he pleaded. But it proved only a temporary stay of execution, as the four were surrounded by vampires en route.

Nick and Dylan tried to use reason with the leader of the vampire group that stopped them, arguing that it doesn't have to be this way. Unfortunately, he proves less sympathetic to Nick's plight. "And unfortunately for you," he said to Dylan. It's not just the witch we're after now. You've breached our trust."

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