Legend of the Seeker: "Fury" Review Season 2, Episode 6

When Richard and Company encounter a group of pacifists who are being terrorized by slavers, he decides to teach those who are interested how to defend themselves. But a toxic combination of magic lets loose an uncontrollable rage, in Richard and in the people he is teaching to fight. "Fury" is a definite improvement over last week, and the episode itself is ambitious, although it is not able to deliver entirely. In the end, Legend of the Seeker is still struggling to give us an hour that can match the quality of the first three episodes of this season.

Richard's inability to fully control the Sword of Truth has not been a big plot point until this episode. In fact, so little has been said that the level of trouble it causes in "Fury" is a bit surprising, especially for those of us who have not read the books. Perhaps the books (by author Terry Goodkind) have more detail about this, I don't know, these reviews are based solely on the television show itself, not the books.

That being said, it is true that some shows try too hard to reiterate all the details, as if they are unsure their audience is following along (FlashForward's first few episodes were like this), but Legend of the Seeker could have used a little bit more backstory about the Sword of Truth in previous episodes to prepare for how different Richard becomes when he is taken over by the rage. He has been using the sword for quite a while without being overcome by its power in this way. By the end of the episode, Zedd helpfully explains how it all happened, with a deadly combination of different types of magic, but it would have been better if more had been said previously about the danger that lurks when Richard uses the sword.

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Dec 17, 2009 9:39AM EST

This second season of Legend of the Seeker is coming so far from the original books it's supposed to be based on, that for me it became a completely different story. It's not only the plot and details that are changed, but the characters themselves are not who they were in the books. I guess for anyone who didn't read the books the show can be real fun, but unfortunately for me it's not any more. I also agree with maxgt - the producers seem to add up details from thin air, and problems the main characters are encountering do not seem to follow any logical order - which brings me again to Terry Goodkind's books which are exactly like that - everything there has a reason and cause you know about if you read the previous parts. I know the show supposed to be a separate issue from the books, but I can't stop thinking why would someone make up stories and plots (that don't really add up) if they have a great pool of stories to draw from.

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