Wolverine and the X-Men Season 1, Episode 14: "Stolen Lives" - Review

One of the most enjoyable qualities of Wolverine and the X-Men is the way the series often finds new ways to travel familiar ground, blending together a number of the different media takes on the X-Men in order to make the mythology feel fresh again. Whether the show's been putting a new twist on the Days of Future Past storyline or sprinkling obscure characters and plot lines from the comics on top of a status quo somewhat reminiscent of the trilogy of films, the series has kept me on my toes for a good deal of its debut season, and the results have been very entertaining. Unless, however, the show's dealing with the back-story of its titular character, in which case the resulting episodes have been far from thrilling.

Maybe it's because the most recent X-Men Origins: Wolverine film spent so much time trampling over Wolverine's past as part of Weapon X - a time period once considered sacred and untouchable by the comics - or maybe it's because the luster has been mostly lost from said timeframe ever since Marvel decided to beat Hollywood to the punch and reveal Logan's mysterious history on their own terms. Either way, Wolverine and the X-Men has struggled noticeably to dive into those oft-traveled waters and make it seem worthwhile and exciting. And considering how the series' characterization of Logan hasn't exactly been all that complex or versatile, these Wolverine-centric episodes rife with flashbacks have become rather unwelcome additions to my DVR whenever they have popped up.

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