HAVEN ''Resurfacing'' Review Episode 12

When a boat washes up with a skeleton on board, it reopens the mystery of why it disappeared in the first place in the Resurfacingepisode of HAVEN. James and four others from the boat have been missing for a year, with the town widely speculating that James, a recovering alcoholic, was responsible for the wreck, and as often happens in a witch hunt, the town tormented James`s family. Instead, bad parts from a crooked couple are to blame and James wasn't even on the boat.

This is a different, sadder take on the Troubles. James has been in his home since just before the wreck when he discovered parts of his boat were prematurely rusting, but he's moving too fast to be seen or touched, except by Audrey. He's not really hurting anyone-well, the Fortunas, but they were holding guns on his family, so I think we can let that one go, and he certainly doesn`t need to be (nor can he be) quarantined. Can you imagine being trapped and having to watch your wife and kids struggle and not be able to do anything-not even hold your wife's hand? I'm glad he gets to say goodbye to his family, but it made me sniffle, especially since Michael is starting his struggle with the same acceleration issue.

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