Entourage Season 6, Episode 12: "Give a Little Bit" - Recap

Last we saw the boys, E declared it his mission to get Sloan back, Drama's medical scare made him rethink his priorities and Turtle was left behind by his girlfriend. In this Season 6 finale, we see how it all plays out for the boys from Queens.

Turtle, declaring he's over Jamie, tells the boys he had sex with the sorority girl as a means to get over her. Sloan agreed to have lunch with E. Vince is leaving for Italy and Drama is going with him. We soon find out that things aren't at all as they seem. The first clue is that Turtle didn't even kiss the sorority girl, but he gets another chance when he pays her another visit that afternoon.

Ari and Mrs. Ari are back in therapy because of the deal to buy Terrance's agency. Mrs. Ari doesn't want to put up $12 million of her own money to guarantee the sale. The argument is whether Ari wants the agency for revenge or for industry expertise. Ari's rage for his former colleagues (Terrace, Adam and Lloyd) turns into a plea as to why he legitimately wants and needs to buy the business. "I think it was a good speech. Do what you need to do Ari," says Mrs. Ari. It's usually done unconventionally, but Ari has a real knack for getting what he wants. I love the dynamics between these two because as crazy as things get, it really works for them.

Lloyd and Vince try to convince Drama that he at least needs to do the Melrose read. Vince and Drama are out shopping, and they run into Matt Damon who chastises Vince for being too lazy to get involved in his charity to help the children. "Don't be afraid to get involved Vince," says Matt.

Turtle is making out with the sorority girl and she slaps him for just laying there and tells him "you're like kissing a corpse." Turtle can't get it together though and admits he wishes he tried to stop Jamie from leaving.

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