Brothers & Sisters Season 4, Episode 2: "Breaking the News" - Recap

In this episode of Brothers & Sisters, Kitty learns the severity of her illness, but has trouble telling Robert when he becomes caught up in his own health-related crisis. Kevin and Scotty have a heart-to-heart about whether Kevin's hectic work schedule will prevent them from adopting a baby, and Rebecca and Ryan engage in a little friendly competition at Ojai. Plus: A mysterious man with a connection to William Walker's past pops up with what appears to be evil intentions. Who is helping the newcomer? Let's find out.

The episode opens with a nervous Kitty calling her doctor to see if her test results have come back, but she strikes out again. Robert comes in from a run and Kitty appears on the verge of telling Robert about her tests, but at that moment he drops his own bombshell: Governor Kern has proof that Robert had a heart attack and is planning to bury his campaign with it. Robert takes a cheap shot at Kitty, suggesting that seeing his campaign go down in flames would make her happy. And with that, he's off to meet with Kevin, who has his own stockpile of dirt on Kern.

When Robert tells the governor that they have photos and hotel receipts from her adulterous jaunt to Mexico, the two candidates agree to keep their information out of the press to avoid "mutually enabled destruction." But their treaty lasts no time, and soon Robert's face is all over the news. Kevin begs Robert to fire back, but he says he doesn't want to be a part of "the politics that people hate." He fears a battle like this will tear the party down and lead a democrat to the governor's mansion. But when Robert suggests it was probably Kern's campaign manager who did it behind her back, Kevin takes similar action, leaking the photos to a reporter.

Meanwhile, Kitty asks Nora to accompany her to the doctor's office to get her test results. The news is bad: Kitty has non-Hodgkins' lymphoma. Kitty goes into a daze as the doctor stresses that the disease is treatable. First, they need to do a CT scan and bone marrow biopsy to see if the cancer has spread. Kitty lets her brave front down with Nora ("I love my hair; what if it grows back curly?"), and Nora agrees to take care of Evan for a few days to let Robert and Kitty talk through everything. However, when Robert gets home, he is squarely focused on his own problems, and even scolds Kitty for not calling him during his difficult day. "For someone who wants this marriage to work, you sure have a funny way of showing it," he says coldly.

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