'Rescue Me' - 'Forgiven' Recap Season 6, Episode 7

For once, I have absolutely no idea what's coming next on 'Rescue Me,' and I couldn't be happier about it. Pulling back from the Gavin family to face much larger problems, the series was much more enjoyable. As much as Tommy is the central figure of the series, these writers have done far too good a job of fleshing out the secondary and tertiary characters to just leave them hanging out to dry.

As always, the dialogue was sharp and brilliant, both in moments of outright absurdity and moments of true poignancy. Tommy, once again, was put in the awkward position of serving as a figure of wisdom, which is a suit he doesn't wear very well. And Sheila has been relegated to the back burner while Tommy focuses on the relationship he thinks he wants with Janet.

Over the years, we've seen some volatile encounters between these two, but there seems to be love beneath it. They were at it again tonight, though not as bad as we've seen, until a sobering reminder pulled them from the brink and left them in a melancholy state.

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