'Warehouse 13' - 'Around The Bend' Recap Season 2, Episode 6

He might not be the youngest agent on the team, but he's easily the most immature relic hunter of the bunch. He's the guy who plays ping-pong with Lewis Carroll's mirror and sometimes treats the Warehouse like it's his own personal Toys"R"Us. So, yeah, sorry Pete, but sometimes the artifacts bite back ... hard.

It was strange to see so much division in the Warehouse. The team has grown closer than ever before this season, and it almost seemed like all that trust-building and bonding between Artie, Myka, Claudia and Pete was gonna get flushed down the toilet thanks to the betrayal of one of those sneaky Regents.

But the conspiracy plot that was tearing the Warehouse apart was all part of Pete's elaborate hallucination. A little disappointing? Maybe. I'm still trying to sort out my feelings about that big reveal.

I was enjoying Pete's solo action-movie posturing -- he geared up, went out for justice, and got the girl -- until Kate (Tia Carrere) got killed and things started to get a little darker than usual. Then came the reveal. It was all about containing crazy Pete (who makes out with himself in public and does a lot of yelling and squinting) after that.

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