30 Rock Season 4 Episode 22 Recap: "I Do Do"

Love is in the air in NYC as three weddings are about to take place. This season's 30 Rock finale, after being teased with appearances by Will Forte, Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Elizabeth Banks, better live up to my expectations, and if we don't get an answer about who Jack chooses, I may have to submit myself into TGS rehab.

The episode opens where the previous one ended, inside a church for Floyd's wedding. Nancy is furious after finding out that Jack had Avery on the side, and even calls her beau "a gay mortician" after he compliments her dress. And, oh yeah. Liz is going to live with a man in Nineveh and become a prostitute due to her stalling for Jack.

Pete delivers incredible news that Kenneth is now the "junior-in-charge-boy of the entire NBC page program," but the only thing is, our favorite TV nut will have to move out to Los Angeles. That is not good for the page, and he decides to talk to Jack and resign the promotion. Back at the chapel, Liz plays a mean guitar while Jack continues to try and make peace with Nancy. The plan works, and the couple says two meaningful words to each other, "I'm in."

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