Drop Dead Diva Review

LIFETIME'S new dramedy, "Drop Dead Diva," is a sur prisingly charming, strictly-female show about a skinny model who dies suddenly and ends up inhabiting the body of a dead plus-size attorney who gets shocked back to life. Got it? Good.

The show, while seemingly as shallow as Deb's character, actually attacks (and it's a hit-over-the-head-with-a-sledgehammer kind of attack) women's body images and how self-esteem can be determined by something as minor as weight.

While it sounds pedantic, downright corny, and done to death, "Drop Dead Diva" is actually fun, funny and sometimes and in some ways even touching.

Watch Drop Dead Diva, Episode 1: "Pilot" Online Now

Watch Drop Dead Diva, Episode 2: "The F Word" Online Now

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