'America's Got Talent' - 'Episode 521' YouTube Special Recap

It's not entirely true that this week's twist is something they have never done before. It is similar to what they did with MySpace, no? I'm not a fan of this YouTube acts week. These acts didn't have to go through the same stressful and gruesome process the other acts had to go through, so I don't want them to get a free pass to the Top 24. But, as Nick pointed out in his intro, some big stars have started on YouTube, so why not give a bunch of YouTube acts a chance?

One thing is certain, as Piers said: It's the most unpredictable show they have ever done, as this is sort of the audition for the acts. We know nothing about them and are not attached to any as we are/were with the other acts.

In this YouTube special episode, one of the acts featured on the 'AGT' YouTube page was selected by public votes while the 11 others were chosen by the judges. Were the picks interesting? Did we end up with mostly singers? Were the performers, who are used to performing from the comfort of their homes, able to perform on stage? My answers: Yes and no, no, and no for most of them.

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