30 Rock' finale Season 4, Episode 22 Recap: We'll see you in heaven, Kenneth

He may not be astronaut Mike Dexter, but pilot Carol was pretty close to a perfect match for our friend Liz Lemon: handsome, successful, a dorky dancer, and a fan of Fart Doctors. After tirelessly trying to force love upon herself, things finally seemed to work out. Sure Liz could have settled for Wesley “dress slippers” Snipes or take her chances with the Somali pirate groomsmen, but she’d much rather follow the signs that were suddenly so clear to her. Matt Damon as a man in uniform who agrees on the NBA tattoo problem? Praise to the universe, love is real!

Though Jack may not agree, fate did take a role in propelling major changes in just about everyone’s relationships (how timely!): Avery was pregnant, Nancy was shipping back up to Boston, Jenna was now dating Paul-Jenna and Paul-Cher, and Kenneth was being forced to leave his best friends in the whole wide world comma because he had been fired. I didn’t say they all were happy changes! While you digest that last bit of news, enjoy the 10 best lines from “I Do Do”:

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