Episode Recap: "I Know Your Pig"

This week on FX's Damages, Patty forced Purcell's hand, while Ellen put two and two together. On with the recap!

Sledgehammer alert (in case last week's anvil only grazed you): The "previously on" promo includes the awkward Daniel-Michael meeting.

The action picks up with Purcell and Claire Maddox's clandestine meeting. "Did she find out about us?" Claire asks, referring to Christine. "No," Daniel insists - as he flashes back to a nondescript, heated gala-night argument with his wife. Upon learning that Daniel leaked the reports to Patty, she asks who's responsible for the murder. "Who do you think?" he responds.

Ultima National Resources (UNR) is the big energy supplier who hired Purcell's firm, and they have only lost one of countless lawsuits brought against them. Tom asks Patty if her past with Purcell is relevant to this new case, and she snaps back, "If it was, I would tell you."

The FBI meet with Ellen, saying that since Tom bailed on the payoff to their planted plaintiff, they fear Ellen's cover is blown so they're getting the hell out of Dodge.

Daniel is diabetic - a conspicuous detail that surely will come into play some day. Patty shares that the preliminary autopsy cites Christine's cause of death as strangulation brought about during a struggle, and that there was no sexual assault. There is no evidence left by the killer. Ellen not-at-all-subtly asks if she can sit in on Patty's Q&A with Daniel and the detective, and Patty barks back, "I'm not running a law school." During said sit-down, the detective presses Purcell on the fact that in two break-ins, nothing was ever stolen. Daniel, studying crime-scene pics, notes that Christine's ruby ring is missing. "Listen, a - hole," he says. "You find that ring and you find the killer."

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