'Project Runway' Season 7, Episode 12 - 'The Big, Top Designers' Recap

The contestants have finally reached the final challenge on 'Project Runway' before the final collection. The final dress has to be a high end dress inspired by performances from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey. They had two days and $300 to create the best dress they could.

One effect that was used really well this episode was the montage of outfits the contestants used during judging. It made you realize that you went through twelve episodes already. Granted, they skipped several of the dud outfits, but it does show that people like Seth Aaron and Mila have a strong point of view.

I was a bit taken aback by how much black and white the contestants decided to use during the challenge. While I did expect a lot of stripes and dots, I assumed everyone would go in Anthony's direction and pick a strong color and work it in. Anthony had no choice but to pick color after winning with a black and white dress last week.

Tim's critiques felt spot on, but his continued interaction with Emilio is what is concerning me. Mila and other contestants have mentioned that Emilio's head has been growing bigger and bigger. I'm really hoping for a big crash and burn.

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