24 Season 8 Episode 19 Recap: 10:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M.

In this hour, Jack remains a wanted man whose quest for justice forces former allies to take sides - and some of their choices are surprising.

As the hour opens, the Air Force is attempting to force Helicopter Jack down which they do, though not onto the CTU helipad they were aiming for. Landing on the roof of the Cooper Building (whatever that is), Jack manages to get down to ground level and disappear on the crowded sidewalk below.

At the U.N., Ethan Kanin is doing his best to convince President Taylor she's made the wrong call by covering up the Russians' assassination of President Hassan.

"You crossed the line, Madame President, but it may not be too late to step back and limit the damage," Kanin counsels her. "Expose the Russians, grant Dana Walsh immunity in exchange for evidence..."

"Which will effectively end the peace talks," she retorts.

"But it will save your administration," he says. That seems to seal the deal, and Taylor tells him to draft a statement announcing the United States' withdrawal from the peace talks. But wait! Consummate snake-in-the-grass Logan has a Plan B that will seemingly save the peace deal, and save face for Taylor. A "private security firm" is already standing by, which will ensure Walsh stays out of the public eye (where she could make damaging secrets known) and get the necessary information out of her without a pesky immunity deal.

Taylor balks at the implication that torture will be employed, but Logan is persuasive, as always.

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