Pretty Little Liars 1.06 "There's No Place Like Homecoming" Recap

Pretty Little Liars channelled their inner Prom Night/Carrie last night as the girls prepared for the Rosewood Homecoming Dance and tried to solve the mystery of "A", before the elusive stalker wreaked even more havoc than before. But even during this time of crisis, the young ladies still managed to make sure that their makeup and hair was flawless and that their priority of the week (homecoming) was in order.

The Pretty Little Girl's Do's and Don'ts For Preparing For A Dance

#1 Make Sure That Unexpected/Unwanted Surprises Are At A Minimum

The girls intervene between Aria's bout of moping (which they think is due to her parents fighting, but has Ezra written all over it) and try to get her excited about homecoming, but Aria states that she isn't going. After Spencer announces that she is taking Alex (Diego Boneta), Emily says she's bringing a mysterious someone (who Hanna thinks is Maya), and Hanna remarks about her nomination for Homecoming Queen, the girls sit down to eat Chinese takeout, but end up getting a fortune cookie from none other than 'A' that read: "Lions and tigers and bitches oh my! There's no place like Homecoming. See You There. - 'A'" Does this person NOT have any connections in town?

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