'Flash Forward' Star Sonya Walger Ties the Knot

If you're actress Sonya Walger, you have a lot to be excited about. Other than the upcoming premiere of the highly anticipated series FlashForward, there's the fact that she just got married. She recently revealed the news of her nuptial, which we all wish her all the best with.

On an interview with People, the 35-year-old Walger announced her wedding to screenwriter Davey Holmes with great joy. During the BAFTA LA's 7th Annual TV Tea Party, she admitted how wonderful it was to have such a low-key ceremony.

"I got married six weeks ago," Sonya Walger exclaimed. "It's just a sweet thing. I haven't got a better word for it. It's an enormous amount of sweetness."

During the rehearsal dinner, things were more laid-back with the casual atmosphere and musical back-up. "We had a Beatles karaoke band," the Flash Forward and Lost actress revealed. "I love the ones that I can sing so it tends to be like 'Michelle' and 'Norwegian Wood' because I can sing them."

Back in July, she invited about only 100 guests to the event and hardly notified the press about it. See, she's only letting us all know now. It's also good publicity for her upcoming role on Flash Forward too, in which she'll be portraying Olivia, the wife of the protagonist Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes).

While there's plenty of tension during her time on the show, she might just want to recall how free she felt on her wedding day to get through the pressure. "I felt very unstressed on my wedding day," she declared. "I'm very grateful for that ... spending the day on my own, being super quiet and happy and just puttering around doing my own thing."

She may living the life of a devoted wife now, but it's hard to imagine Sonya Walger being limited to such a homebound role. She's made quite a name for herself in the controversial HBO series Tell Me You Love Me, and later rose to even more fame as Penny Widmore in Lost. Other than her stint as Olivia in Flash Forward, another project she's involved in is the horror thriller The Factory.

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