The Vampire Diaries: Damon Sticks to Being Bad for Good - Featured

As we get to know Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, we may see some traces of humanity in him, giving viewers yet another reason to root for the wicked vampire. But overall, he'll pretty much stick with the callousness we first saw in the premiere for the duration of the series, hinting that there's no telling how far he'll interfere in Elena and Stefan's relationship.

"He sticks with it for a little while," Ian Somerhalder, who plays evil brother Damon, told of his character lingering in the dark side. "I think that's his thing, and he has such a good time doing it. There are moments where you may see some sort of humanity in him, and there are moments when you may see that he may not be as intense as he appears to be."

Although Damon arrives in Mystic Falls with the intent of making his brother Stefan's life miserable, their beef with each other is more than just a simple case of sibling rivalry. And as The Vampire Diaries head further into the season, we uncover what happened in the past between these two to yield an enormous amount of animosity.

"Stefan is not a fan of Damon, and for good reason," Somerhalder explained. "Damon harbors a lot of anger toward Stefan for something he did in the past. So at any given moment, Stefan finds himself in a place where he's happy, Damon will show up to ruin it. And that's intense."

On the other hand, Damon and Stefan are still just two brothers who truly care about each other underneath all that loathing.

"Make no mistake about it, Damon loves his brother," the Vampire Diaries star said. "He would never let anything happen to his brother. He's the only one he has. And to be honest with you, Stefan is the only person who truly understands Damon, who understands what he's been through, understands what he's coming from. So in that sense, the relationship is one-sided in that Damon does love his brother, and he misses his brother."

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