A Glee-ful Night at FOX's Fall Eco-Casino Party

I hardly thought it possible, to love Glee more than I did after its adorable premiere. A premiere, that begged from the TV screen for viewers to break into song, but after meeting the cast in Los Angeles, I am even more smitten.

In the coming weeks I'll be posting my interviews with the stable of Fox stars I interviewed--David Boreanaz, Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, Emily Deschanel, and Eliza Dushku--to name just a few. But today, I wanted to share the story of what happened and what I learned when this converse loving girl donned heels and went to an honest-to-god red carpet event in LA and spent her evening chatting up the cast of FOX's hottest new show.

I'm sure you're wondering, how a gleek like me got the chance to meet the talented stars of FOX? The channel's fall press junket and their swanky annual Eco-Casino Party, that's how. Held every fall, the press junket allows entertainment reporters from around the country to interview the stars of FOX and when the interviews are all done, to party with them. (Yes, I do have the best job in the world.)

FOX's Eco-Casino Party is a sight that must be seen with ones own eyes. A red carpet, complete with paparazzi, and autograph hounds, this year's party was hosted at the hip new steak house BOA on West Sunset Boulevard. Once I got over the oddity of a green-themed event being hosted at a steak house, it was time to fawn over the set up and stars. BOA was decorated to the nines with fresh flowers, FOX throw pillows, and gaming tables. Seeing that I spend most of my time away from BuddyTV at dive bars, this swanky soiree was needless to say, a little out of my element.

As I circled the open bar and grabbed a glass of liquid courage, I almost literally ran into the talented and beautiful Tamara Taylor from Bones. While we all know her best as the hard-headed but lovable Dr. Cam Soroyan, Tamara herself is down-to-earth and charming. As Tamara kindly inquired about my introduction to LA, I told her it was a little surreal as I was more of a dive bar and jeans type of girl. To this, she raised her perfectly manicured hand and gave me a solid high five as she giddily exclaimed, "me too!" Every worry I had about snobby celebrities went out the window thanks to Tamara's kindness, and my exciting night had begun in earnest.

It was then that I spotted the talented cast of Glee -- Chris Colfer, Matthew Morrison, Amber Riley, Kevin McHale, and Cory Monteith. With another swig of liquid courage, I made my way to the Glee cast and like a true gleek, asked if I could take a photo with the cast.

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