Leverage: "The Jailhouse Job" Review Season 3, Episode 1

Advance Review: If there's one thing, after two seasons, that Leverage knows how to do well, it's season finales. And if there's one thing they need to work on a teensy bit, it's season premieres. "The Jailhouse Job" was a lot of fun, and a big improvement over the Season 2 premiere, "The Beantown Bailout Job," but it still lessened, or dulled, the dramatic impact of what we were left with in the Season 3 finale.

Both "The Second David Job" and "The Maltese Falcon Job" we're able to leave us with dramatic final moments and imagery that truly had us wondering where the series would go next. And then all of that drama and intrigue got, and gets, pretty much erased after the first episode of the follow-up season premiere, which always seems to find our characters fortuitously re-connecting. "The Jailhouse Job" earns extra points though because of its creativity and chosen topic of zeitgeist-y corruption. And also because it doesn't just have our team reform after going to see Sophie in a play.

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