Review: Friday Night Lights - Toilet Bowl Season 4, Episode 8

Dreams. Tami and Eric have big dreams for Julie as she prepares to go to college. Tim Riggins has been dreaming of what he would do some day with 25 acres of Texas real estate. Luke's worried that his dream of getting a scholarship out of of Dillon is slipping away. And Buddy, well, he just wants to have football pride for the Lions like he did for his dream team, the Panthers. More on all that and more Friday Night Lights after the jump.

Julie and Tami go to Boston to visit Tami's dream school, Boston College. This wasn't in the show, but I have to wonder: how are the Taylors going to afford sending Julie to an out of state, private school? Even if they started her college fund when she was an infant, who could swing today's tuition on the Taylors' joint salaries? I'm just saying...

It may not matter because even after dazzling her admissions counselor with references to Truman Capote and Harper Lee, I get the distinct impression that Jules is going to wind up going to a closer-to-home Texas university. Still, I understood Tami's point of view very well; youth is wasted on the young. Julie couldn't see what a great opportunity was being handed to her. She was too busy resenting Tami's encouragement.

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