'Lost' Season 5 Finale Airs Tonight

It's finally here, the two-hour season 5 finale of Lost. It seems like just yesterday when the Island started time jumping, the Oceanic 6 worked with Mrs. Hawking to come back and everyone landed in 1977 working for the DHARMA Initiative. Tonight at 9pm on ABC, Lost has its two-hour finale, "The Incident."

Last week's episode put all of these pieces in place. Jack and Sayid are working with Ellie and Richard to detonate the hydrogen bomb and stop the future from happening. Sawyer, Juliet and Kate are on the submarine, Hurley, Miles and Jin are back in DHARMA-Ville, and John Locke is leading an expedition to Jacob's cabin to kill the mysterious Island leader.

Lost's season finales always have big endings. The Hatch was opened and Walt was taken in season 1. The Hatch exploded, Ben took Jack, Kate and Sawyer, and Penny got a phone call in season 2. Jack wanted to get back to the Island in the shocking season 3 flash forward. And last season, John Locke was dead and Ben made the Island disappear.

So how will season 5 end? Well, Anton Chekhov famously opined that if you have a gun in the first act, it needs to go off in the third. In the first act of this season, it was revealed that a hydrogen bomb was on the Island. Chekhov's rule dictates that it has to go off.

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