Up to Speed Trailers of 'Supernatural' - Featured

In anticipation of the coming premieres of "Supernatural", The CW has given a recap video of what happen in the previous season. "Up to Speed" helps fans of the show to recall what matters the characters have to deal with and what kind of new problems lay ahead.

In "Supernatural", Dean came back from Hell only to fall on a new mission. Sam was trapped in addiction to Demon's blood and killed Lilith under Ruby's spell. The seal was broken and Lucifer is finally free to roam. Filling the role of the Devil aka Lucifer is Mark Pellegrino who is also a familiar face on "Lost".

"Supernatural" and "Smallville" are no longer paired this Fall. "Supernatural" will be led by a new series "The Vampire Diaries" on Thursdays starting September 10, while "Smallville" takes the Fridays slot starting September 25.

To Watch The Up To Speed Video Click Here.

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