'Stargate Universe' Season 2, Episode 2 Recap

A man can't run an Ancient starship alone. That was the key message of this episode of 'Stargate Universe.'

After a terrific and fast-paced season 2 opener, the show returned to the slow-burn storytelling style of early season one, but 'Aftermath' offered more memorable moments and a more compelling storyline than most of those early eps did.

Before jumping into the meat of this ep, let's take a sec to talk about the lighting and cinematography of 'Stargate Universe.' I agree with the camp of viewers who feel that the show looks too dark and drab sometimes, which is a shame, because the set designers have done an amazing job creating Destiny's steampunk-inspired interiors and computer consoles. I wanna see those things, dammit! But there are great moments when a large burst of light breaks through the darkness and illuminates a scene, making the drama feel more poignant.

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