THE GATES ''Little Girl Lost'' Review - Episode 10

In this episode of THE GATES, called Little Girl Lost, Dylan and Claire are trying to find their kidnapped daughter. They each blame themselves for what's happened and soon realize that they can't find her on their own. So they go to the only person they know can help, Nick. Of course he needs to know why it all happened in order to track down where the little girl is. In the process Nick also finds out more about Dylan and Claire's shocking history when he discovers that Claire fed on Emily's parents and that's how the couple 'adopted' their human child.

With Nick's help, Dylan and Claire do find their daughter but it opens up a whole new can of worms as Christian took Emily to her human relatives. He wanted to hurt them and leave them with a problem that would plague them forever, but in the end the whole terrible business actually brings the couple closer together again. Christian will never find out though, as Claire decides to finish what Dylan had not and stakes him through the heart just as soon as he's released from police custody.

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